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CO2 Jets


CO2 Jets are seriously impressive and a great deal of fun.. The units are controlled by DMX and send massive 8 to 10 meter plumes of thick CO2 vapour into the air. When used with powerful uplighters in the dark the effect is simply superb as can be seen in the video below. It can used in a wide variety of places where you want that WOW factor. It is increasingly being used in some of the larger night clubs and gigs as it can also be used to cool the audience.


The machine itself is pretty small and should only be used by a compitent user. It needs to be connected to a CO2 bottle which can be ordered through All The Kit. If the machine is hired from us we will provide you with a special 10 meter hose.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to help you. We know that people like to be given an idea of cost so the prices shown below will give you a rough guide.

Dry hire of one machine with 10 meter hose - 69.00

Dry hire of two machines each with a 10 meter hose - 99.00

Two machines set up with two tanks of liquid CO2 - 250.00


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