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Disco Equipment Hire


 At 'All The Kit' we are keen to make sure that your party goes as well as possible. We are able to provide you with a variety of different packages to suit your event. We also have Silent Disco equipment which can be hired with any of the disco packages. We only use top of the range equipment such as Mackie & Denon.

To make life a little easier, we have put together a variety of packages for you to chose from. We can always add special requirements such as smoke machines . If you don't see anything you want listed on our website, please contact us and we will try to help. The lighting equipment listed in the packages shown below can be changed to accommodate individual requirements.

The equipment can either be collected from our base in Shrewton, near Salisbury or it can be delivered, set up and collected from the venue. 

Option 1 : Beginners Disco Package

Whilst this is the smallest sound system that we have, there is no compromise in sound quality. It is very easy to use and should fit in the back of most cars. This is ideal for a small party where all you need is a decent sound system and a few lights. Just plug in your Ipod or CD player and your away!


Price: From 69.00 Per day.

Option 2 : Slightly Bigger Disco Package

This option is similar to the beginners package listed above but you get the bigger SRM 450 Speakers which provide a fuller sound with a good 'bottom end'. This is more suitable for the slightly larger parties but will still easily fit in the back of your car. This packge also has additional lights. Just plug in your Ipod, MP3 player or CD player  and your away


Price: From 95.00 Per day.

Option 3 : Getting Bigger Disco Package with Dual Denon CD player

Now this is getting better! You have the same great sounding system mentioned above but you also get the professional Denon Dual CD player (Which also plays MP3s) along with the top of the range Denon Mixing desk. We have also included a smoke machine for a bit of fun! This is the package our DJ would use for a party of up to 200 people. You will need a reasonable amount of 'know-how' to use the CD player and desk as there are loads of buttons!!


  • Two Mackie SRM 450 powered spkeakers
  • Two Speaker Stands
  • On Sure SM58 Microphone
  • Two Disco Effects lights
  • Two other lights
  • Denon DN-D4500 Professional Dual CD Player
  • Headphones
  • All necessary Cables

Price: From 119.00 Per day.

Option 4 : The Big One! Disco Package with Dual Denon CD with those 1532!

Now this is the big one. We provide more kit than is in the picture!!!

This package includes the superb and seriously loud Mackie SA1532z powered speakers. You simply can't get more powerful single phase powered speakers.

This system is ideal for audience of between 100 and 500 people.

You will need a large estate size car or a small van to carry this equipment. The Mackie 1532z speakers are quite heavy and need two people to handle them

  • Two Mackie SA1532Z powered spkeakers
  • On Shure SM58 Microphone
  • Two Disco Effects lights.
  • Selection of two other lights.
  • Denon DN-D4500 Professional Dual CD Player
  • Denon DN-X500 CLUB DJ MIXER
  • Headphones
  • All necessary Cables

Price: From 169.00 Per day.

Option 5 : Silent Disco Kit

This is a great idea and so much fun.

For more information visit our Silent Disco page where we describe how these wireless headphones sets can enable you to carry on partying all night without having to worry about your neighbours.

  • From 2.99 per headphones
  • From 79.00 for a set of 30 Headphones
  • From 120 for 50 sets
  • From 210 for 100 sets

Option 6: Ultimate DJ Pro Kit

This is the equipment which will be requested by the most demanding DJs! This is 'industry standard' stuff and will be found in the best night clubs across the world.

If you are hiring this package you may also need a couple of turntables... just add 29.00 for a pair of technics SL1210

Hire From 89.00 Per day









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