FBT Mitus 212SFA
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FBT Mitus 212SFA Line Array Sub Element

1000 Watt


  • Dry Hire - one unit - From 55.00 per day
  • Dry Hire - two units - From 100.00 per day.
  • Dry Hire - four units - From 195.00 per day 


The FBT MITUS 212FS is a 2 x 12" compact and flyable subwoofer which can extend the low frequencies of the MITUS 206L when combined together in ground-stacked or flying arrays.

The modularity of the FBT MITUS 212FS makes it extremely flexible for a wide range of applications, from a small system to an elaborate line array system consisting of up to 12 MITUS 206L cabinets along with multiple FBT MITUS 212FS subs for large concert events.

The FBT MITUS 212FS shall meet the following performance criteria: Frequency response of 50Hz to 250Hz,Frequency sensitivity of 99dB, Maximum SPL of 134dB continuous and 138dB peak, inbuilt amplifier 1000W RMS/8 Ohm. The MITUS 212FSA feature Baltic birch plywood construction covered in a scratch resistant black paint with a M20 top-mounted stand adapter.




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