Mackie SA1532z
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Mackie SA 1532Z Powered Speakers - The Big Ones!


  • Dry Hire - From 95.00 per day (Pair)


The Biggest and loudest Active Loudspeakers we have-Quality Sound!

This speaker was designed to impress you with superb sound quality and to blow your socks with immense power. We simply love these as they are so easy to use and can easily cater for audiences of well over 500 people. The makers state that they are the loudest speakers that can work from a domestic electricity supply. We didn't invest in these just for the power though.. we just love the way they sound.. full and clear. These speakers contain two 15" sub speakers so there is no real need to get additional sub speakers.

Copied below is the information that you will find on Mackie's website.


The new Mackie SA1532z puts out an astounding 1300W and creates the highest SPL you can coax from a standard power outlet—a staggering 138dB. That's like standing next to an industrial strength pile-driver, only one that's a lot more musical and a whole lot more HiFi. These amps are so powerful and convert so much electricity to sound, that we highly recommend you give each Mackie SA1532z its very own circuit, unless of course, you just enjoy resetting circuit breakers.

The SAz Series represents Mackie's best to date; our ultimate Super Active Loudspeaker systems re-designed from the ground up and tuned by the gurus at Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW). The SA1532z is a 3-way, Active loudspeaker featuring our Optimized WaveFront™ horn design, providing better coverage, detail, and vocal intelligibility — something previously unattainable in this class. As a final touch, we pack all this amazing technology into an EAW-tuned wooden enclosure.

With This Much Low-End, Who Needs a Sub?
Ever wonder why don't you see 24- or 36-inch LF transducers? You'd think they'd blast bass like the god of thunder himself was on drums. Turns out, as woofer cones get bigger, they get slower due to the atrocious amounts of air they must move — bass gets "mushy" and craps out. So, instead of an 18" woofer, we opted to deliver faster, tighter bass by using dual 15" LF transducers with 3" high-temperature voice coils (which keeps the SA1532z's footprint small).

These dual 15s have 35% more surface area than a single 18-inch woofer and can respond to transient attack much faster — especially when driven by up to 20 amps of current. You'll get the tightest bass you've never heard. Three-way accuracy's never been this loud before.

Don't Skimp On The Highs And Mids
We gave the Mackie SA1532z's a new 1.75" titanium design high-frequency transducer with a Neodymium magnet structure. A driver this state-of-the-art simply isn't found in any other pro audio SR system. The SA1532z's 6-inch Neodymium midrange transducer is capable of four times the output of previous designs. And our Optimized WaveFront™ horn design allows the HF horn to fire slightly down into the midrange, providing more predictable, consistent coverage and a wicked smooth transition between the mids and highs. Our "competition" can't even come close to the quality and performance of the loudspeakers in this class.

The cabinet is constructed using both 18 mm multi-layered plywood and pressure injected structural resin. Weight balanced carrying handles are integrated into the sides and top for easy loading and transport.

Hear and Feel The Difference
When you hear the Mackie SA1532z, the first thing you'll experience is chest-pounding bass that is clean and crisp; then you'll notice the clean, accurate, and warm quality of the midrange. You'll hear vocals that have incredible detail, without being harsh. And beats that are clear and defined with amazing low-end punch. As you crank up the volume, you'll realize this remarkable fidelity doesn't go away as the loudness increases. You're hearing blisteringly loud and accurate at the same time, a phenomenon not common to conventional PA systems in this class. These speakers will not only make you sound better — they will inspire you play better!



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