The Big HK Kit
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The Big HK Kit 
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The Big HK system - Ideal for the really big gigs

This is the system  we love to use as it procudes such an AWSOME sound! It comprises of the wonferful HK projector system and two HK Actor systems. Whilst the two Actor systems do a fantastic job of covering the first 600 people the Projector makes sure that the people at the back also experience a clear and punchy sound. This system will easily handle an audience of about 1500 people. If you are looking to hire a system this big it is more than likely than we will be talking about your exact requirement so that we can ensure that we have everything that you need.

The list of equipment includes the following:

  • HK Projector system
  • 2 x HK Actor systems
  • 1 x Mackie TT24 digital desk with digital stage box
  • 5 Monitors.
  • Loads of microphones, stands etc etc.

Price - Please call us so that we can give you an exact quote

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