Yamaha EMX5000
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Yamaha EMX5000-20 Powered Mixing Desk

  • Dry Hire - 39.00 per day

This is a great piece of kit - You get loads of channels and a fantastic internal amp. As this desk also comes with two internal effects units and  and small graphic EQ, set up could not be easier! Great Kit from All The kit!

Essentially integrated PA systems, both units provide flexible audio mixing and patching options, 9-band graphic EQ, dual integrated 500-watt amplifiers, and unprecedented dual on-board 32-bit digital effects processors. Compact designs eliminate the need for additional outboard gear, thereby reducing setup times.

16 mono and 2 stereo channels

3-band channel EQ with mid sweep

2 pre/post selectable monitor sends

2 effect sends

1 mono and 2 stereo outputs

Channel on/off

All channel mute

12V BNC-type work light socket

All mono input channels feature balanced XLR-type mic inputs with switchable +48 Volt phantom power, line-level phone jack inputs, inserts on channels 1-8, peak level indicators, switchable high pass filters, and continuously variable gain controls. An integrated carrying handle provides easy plug-and-go system setups.

Built-in amplifiers provide 500 Watts (x 2) of efficient stereo power. Yamaha's EEEngine technology offers high power output, cool operation, and low current draw. Integrated Yamaha Signal Processing (YSP) custom tailors the response to match with that of Yamaha Club Series speakers.

Both mixers contain dual onboard 32-bit digital signal processing systems, each offering a selection of 16 programs, based on Yamaha's acclaimed SPX Series effects processors. The effects sends feed the internal effects processors and can also be used with external devices (which then return signals back to one of the two stereo sub inputs). A flexible 9-band graphic EQ on the stereo output provides feedback control and signal shaping. "The Yamaha EMX5000 Series offers the routing, patching flexibility, power and signal processing you'd expect from a small P.A. system," states Wayne Hrabak, marketing manager, Professional Audio. "Users can now 'just add speakers.'"

If your show demands serious input capacity and power, the 12-channel EMX5000-12 or the 20-channel EMX5000-20 will probably do the job with performance to spare. Both feature a 500-watt per channel multi-mode stereo power section that will fill even fairly large venues with outstanding sound. And although they're integrated powered mixers designed with convenience and portability in mind, both models deliver features and performance that will satisfy even the most discerning performers and sound engineers.

Why a Powered Mixer
For the busy performing musician or club operator, a high-quality powered mixer with the right features and professional performance is the obvious choice for several reasons...

All-in-One Integration
In one convenient unit you have a mixer to combine and balance your microphone and instrument sources, effects to add ambience to your sound, and power amplification to drive house speakers and in some models even monitor speakers as well. Why bother with the fuss and frustration of separate components when you can have it all in one.

Simple Setup and Operation
Setting up a system with separate mixer, effect units, and power amplifier means lots of cables and the need for careful level matching between components if you want optimum performance. All of this takes time and adds up to extra work - not to mention the potential for misplaced or faulty cables and a plethora of other "technical problems." When you're rushing to set up for a gig, you want things to go as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Unmatched Portability
Pick it up, carry it to where you're going to use it, and put it down. Compare that to transporting, connecting, and adjusting at least 3 separate units. There's simply no contest: a well-designed, smoothly integrated powered mixer is smaller, lighter, and actually more durable than a comparable component system.

Why a Yamaha Powered Mixer
Now that we've determined that you need a powered mixer, why should you choose a Yamaha Start with a solid reputation for professional quality based on more than 25 years experience in the field. And don't forget that Yamaha also makes some of the world's finest acoustic pianos, stringed instruments, wind instruments, drums, and electronic instruments as well as industry-standard sound reinforcement gear. In short, the Yamaha name is synonymous with leading-edge technology that also embodies a unique sensitivity to the artistic needs of the musicians and performers who use it. But since we're talking about powered mixers, here are a few more specific reasons...

Superior Sonic Quality
In addition to no-compromise circuit design and parts selection, here's an area in which Yamaha's musical sensitivity really makes a difference. The technology is important, but the real key to Yamaha sonic quality is in listening. Our engineers, sound specialists and instrument designers listen carefully to each product at every possible design stage, making changes and refinements that may not appear in the specifications, but that make an audible difference to the final sound.

A Power Profile for Every Application
The Yamaha EMX Series Powered Mixers deliver plenty of professional-quality power in a range of configurations designed to suit just about any application. From the 200-watt mono model right up to the 500-watt-per-channel multi-mode stereo model there's an EMX Powered mixer that offers the perfect balance of power and features for your solo act, band, or venue.

Serious Reliability and Safety
We're not exaggerating when we say that Yamaha quality control is among the strictest in the business. In addition to ISO-standard manufacturing processes, we carry out an almost unbelievable battery of reliability and safety tests to ensure that every product surpasses all of the world's most stringent safety standards: UL, CSA, SEMKO, CE...you name it, we've passed it. To give you an idea of how far we go to ensure quality, here's a short list of some of the conditions every Yamaha product must meet.

Power Supply Stability
In addition to flawless overall operation in the face of power line fluctuations as severe as +/-15%, the power supply must produce no hum or noise.

Environmental Temperature & Humidity Extremes
All electronic and mechanical functions must operate properly in ambient temperatures from -20oC up to +37.5oC (+/-2oC), and in humidity as high as 90% (+/-5%).

Static Electricity
Static electricity discharges as high as 10,000 volts must not cause functional errors, and discharges up to 20,000 volts must no result in breakdown.

All products are tested for normal operation for a total of 200 continuous hours (when power-transistors are involved, the heat sink temperatures is maintained at +50All products are tested for normal operation for a total of 200 continuous hours (when power-transistors are involved, the heat sink temperature is maintained at +50oC).

The Mixer
The EMX Powered mixers may be designed for convenient, easy operation, but that doesn't mean that basic quality and performance are compromised in any way. In fact, they inherit technology from the acclaimed Yamaha PM3500 and PM4000 sound reinforcement mixing consoles - staples in the professional reinforcement field worldwide. Yamaha expertise and technological innovation is even at work in the details that deliver subtle but vital improvements in the overall sound: superior RF (Radio Frequency) rejection and exceptionally clean, transparent head amplifiers are just 2 examples.

The Power Amplifier
High power alone is simply not enough. At any power level the amplifier's output must remain an accurate, uncolored image of the original input signal. That demands much more technological finesse than simply building a bigger amp. In addition to totally clean, natural power, the EMX power amplifiers feature Yamaha's unique EEEngine technology for extremely efficient operation with significantly reduced AC power consumption and heat generation - factors that contribute to the lineup's light weight and compact dimensions as well.

Digital Effects
Yamaha is no newcomer to the field of digital signal processing. Our professional outboard effect units and the effects built into our renowned digital mixing consoles set the standards for the industry. The EMX Series powered mixers benefit from the same cutting-edge technology. The EMX68S, EMX88S, and EMX5000 models, in particular, feature SPX digital effect technology with 24-bit AD/DA conversion and 32-bit internal processing. The EMX effects are more than mere "extras." They are professional-quality effects that can contribute to your sound in many important ways.

Rack Mounting and Efficient Forced-air Cooling
With the exception of the largest model in the lineup - the 20-channel EMX5000-20 - all models can be rack-mounted using an optional rack-mounting kit* for optimum integration with any system or installation. In addition to the mixers' physical configuration, this is made possible by a highly efficient fan cooling system that ensures reliable, stable operation under just about any environmental conditions.

Stand-by Mode
Another feature that illustrates Yamaha's sensitivity to the needs of the working musician is the Stand-by switch included on all stereo models: when you're done with a set simply engage the stand-by mode to mute all mono. channels while leaving the 2-track inputs (and stereo channels on the console types) active for BGM playback while you're off stage.

Power Amp Mode Selector
All models except for the single-amp EMX62M feature power amp mode selector switches so you can configure the amp channels to suit a range of applications. The EMX5000 models, for example, offer 4 choices: Main (L) + main (R) to drive stereo house speakers, Mono + AUX to drive a mono house speaker system plus a mono monitor system, AUX1 + AUX2 to drive a monitor system while an outboard power amplifier drives the house, and Mono Bridge to deliver a whopping 1000 watts to a subwoofer. The LPF filter provided on the EMX5000 - 12/20 outputs is also an ideal feature for subwoofer drive.

Yamaha Speaker Processing
Yamaha Club Series speakers are fine performers in their own right, but with Yamaha Speaker Processing you get extra-smooth highs and enhanced low frequency output.

Technical Info

Maximum Output Power @0.5% THD at 1kHz:
1000W/8ohms bridge

Input Connectors:
CH1-8: XLR and TRS Phone
CH9/10, 11/12: 2 x Phones and 2 x RCA Phone

Channel Inserts: 16 (mono channels)

EQ (Mono CH)
High: 10kHs shelving
Mid: 250Hz-5kHz peaking
Low: 100Hz shelving

EQ (Stereo CH)
High: 10kHs shelving
Mid: 2.5kHz peaking
Low: 100Hz shelving

Aux Sends: 4 (2 Aux (pre/Post), 2 Effect

Phantom Power: +48V

Graphic Equalizer: 9-band (63, 125, 250, 500, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k 16k Hz)

Digital Effects: SPX Digital Multi Effector (24-bit AD/DA, 32-bit Internal Processing)

Effect1 (16 programs):
Reverb hall
Reverb room
Reverb plate
Reverb vocal 1
Reverb vocal 2
Vocal echo 1
Vocal echo 2
Delay 1
Delay 2
Mod delay
Reverse gate
Pitch change
Radio voice

Effect1 (16 programs):
Reverb hall
Reverb room
Reverb plate
Reverb vocal 1
Reverb vocal 2
Vocal echo 1
Vocal echo 2
Delay 1
Delay 2
Early ref.
Gate reverb
Vocal doubler
Tape delay

Power Amp. Mode:
Aux1 + Mono
Aux1 + Aux2

Power Select Switch: 500W/300W/100W

Meters: 2 x 13 points

Yamaha Speaker Processing: Yes

Low Pass Filter: Yes (Mono Out)

Stand-By Switch: Yes

Lamp Connector: Yes (XLR 3 pins



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