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Compact Mackie PA 900 Watt System

  • Dry Hire 79
  • With engineer 199 (So easy to use you don't really need one!)
  • With Lighting rig andengineer 249

The compact Mackie system is so easy to set up amd move around that it is a popular option  for many people. The Sound quality of this mackie system is absolutly fantastic. It has a rich and warm sound which makes the listening experience confortable, even at very high volumes.

This system comes with 2 x Mackie SRM 450  powered speakers. They each contain two internal amplifiers which means that you don't have the fuss of having to connect leads to a separate amplifier. Just plug your SM58 Microphones microphones, keyboards or whatever into the Mackie DFX 6 mixing desk and then plug the speakers into the mixer and you can start playing. They all use the same XLR leads which we will provide you with.

This is an ideal set up for a two peice band in a pub or party.  It can also be used for conferences and as a mobile disco. (It is of a much higher quality than your usual disco!)  It will easily handle audiences of over 100 with beautiful, comfortable sound quality.

If you are still worried about how to set it up we are happy to set it up for you... It will only take 5 Minutes !



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