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Laser Shows


'There is something very special about laser shows - The clean lines and the strange blankets or tunels of light produce an effect which continues to amaze all audiences. People who use lasers need to know what they are doing in order to ensure that the show is safe and enjoyable for everybody. Both Chris and Nick have attended a laser safety course and are qualified in the use of powerful lasers for entertainment purposes.

Lasers can be used for a variety of purposes including the following:

  • Laser Beam Shows - these are used to produce light tunels, sheets of light and beams of coloured light as shown in the video above. (If it does not start see it on YouTube on the following link) In order to produce this effect the light needs to be passed through smoke, fog, mist, haze or something similar. We have a number of machines to produce smoke or haze and these work well in enclosed venues or on still evenings. They don't work very well on a clear or breezie conditions. Our lasers are able to produce Red, Green and Blue coloured lights which can be mixed to create a whole range of colours.
  • Laser Graphics - 'All the kit' has a very large library of laser graphic images similar to the image above (right). These can be projected on to the side of buildings, trees etc. Some of the graphics move whilst other are static. Text can also be easily added to send messages such as 'Happy Birthday Chris' or 'Happy New Year'. This can be great fun as the message can be made very big and therefore visible to very large audiences. Messages can be tailored to your individual needs.
  • Laser Advertising - Lasers can be a fabulous and very cost effective way of advertising your company or event. With enough notice we are able to copy your logo and create a similar laser image with any text that you need. This can be projected on to the side of buildings, the side of a hill or similar - What a brilliant way of letting people know about your business and this may be a lot cheaper than you might have thought!

Here to help - As mentioned above, lasers are great but some of the powerful lasers that we use should only be used by suitably qualified engineers. We will do all we can to advise you to help you create a fabulous show. We understand that most people do not know the first thing about lasers but we are here to help and you will find us very approachable and friendly - We promise to speak in good old plain English avoiding the use of  all jargon! Give us a call and we can discuss your requirements and provide you with a very competitive quote.

Prices for Laser Shows start from around 200.00

The video shown below may work if the one above fails to start.




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