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'All The Kit' provides a variety of lighting packages to suit different needs. All options are offered with delivery and set up or  simply dry hire. When the engineers are hired with the systems they will probably bring any extra kit which is available at the time to ensure that we provide you with the best possible show. Further discounts are available if hired with PA systems. 

Option 1

Option 1:   The Performance Lighting Rig


This is what we would recommend as ideal for bands or performers who want to fill the performance area with flood stage light. It contains 8 PAR 56 lights which each have a mixture of co lour gels.

If your hoping to get people up dancing we found it useful to add two lighting effects which look fabulous directed onto a dance floor area.

The beauty of this set-up is once youíve plugged it in you donít have to do anything more. The lighting effects run automatically, and the PAR controller can be left on flood or you can run some auto patterns which look great too.

  • 8 x 300w Par56 lanterns with colour gels
  • Two disco effects lights to cover dance floor area
  • 2 x stands
  • 2 x T-bars
  • 1 x controller and all cabling. The controller is a sound-to-light controller allowing the user to select from predefined patterns, or can be set to auto run sequence or flood.


Dry Hire From £49.00

Delivery and set up from £119.00

Band lighting Option 2

Option 2: I want to impress! The Full Light Show     


This set-up is what we would use in a full light show minus a few more PAR lights. To really impress your audience we complement the standard flood PAR lighting with 4 intelligent light scanners which hang from stands at the rear of the stage. The lighting effect projects forward through the performers and looks absolutely fantastic, particularly when used with the smoke machine.

With this package we also supply 4 LED uplighters which look great on stage especially under the drum kit.

  • 8 x 300w Par56 lanterns with colour gels
  • Two disco effects lights to cover dance floor area
  • 4 LED uplighters
  • 4 stands
  • 4 T-bars
  • Smoke machine
  • sound-to-light or auto controller for Par56 lanterns and all cabling.  


 Dry Hire From £89.00

 Delivery and set up from £149.00


Uplighting Option

Uplighting package  - Create that Mood Lighting!   


This is a lighting package that will enable you to create a fantastic uplighting effect as described on our uplighting page which has a short video.

The package includes 10 Chrome LED Par 64 lights with floor stands and a DMX controller which will enable you to set the exact colour of the lights. The controller can also be used to make the lights change colour as shown in the video.

You will need to have a good understanding of DMX lighting to use this package.


Dry Hire From £69.00

Delivery and set up from £159.00


Star Cloth

Star Cloth Canopy or Wall Lining  - what a great effect.


We have a number of star cloths measuring 2 x 3 meters. These can be used to line the walls of a room or marquee or can form the ceiling to create a star light sky effect.

The picture in the example shown here was taken in a marquee where we provided both the uplighting and the star cloth  for the ceiling. We also provided 5 mirror balls of differen sizes to create 'Space' theme.

Prices depend upon the size of the room and whether placed on the ceiling or walls. Decorating a ceiling is far more time consuming!


Pea Light Canopy

Pea Light Canopy  - The perfect way to light a ceiling.


Pea light canopies create a superb effect where there is a central point in the marquee or room. The canopy is made up of strings of pea lights hung from a special bracket. We have pea light strings of different colours and have used them to create a USA theme by using red, white and blue bulbs.


Prices depend upon the size of the room - Please contact us for a quote.



Pea Light Waterfall

 A wonderful watery effect!


As this is a moving light effect it is hard to show in a picture. The effect though is stunning giving a wonderful effect of water falling. As you can change the speed you can either have a gentle flow or a full blow rapid! When dimmed, these lights can also look like a snow fall or blizzard. Our units come in 3 x 3 meter lengths

Prices - From £30 per uniy per day




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