Epson H269B
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Epson H269B 
Hitachi CPX809 
Hitachi CPX705 
10 x 8 screen 


Epson H269B Data Projector

Hire: From 49.99 per day

This is a great projector which is nice and easy to use. We use this model for our larger screens such as our 10ft Drapper rear projection Screen. It comes in a carry case with all the necessary leads and a remote control unit. It is very quiet and also has a wide spread so you don't have to place the projector too far from the screen. 

Compact and portable and only weighing 1.7kg with enough power for high contrast pictures in true rich colour, with 3000 ANSI lumens the Epson H269B is an ideal projector for professionals that are constantly on the move.