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10m Inflatable Stage Dome

This is our smaller stage dome and is suitable for a stage for a 5 to 6 piece band. We have two of these structures, and when they are installed together can form a closed 10m dome which is perfect for parties. See our inflatable structures page. 


Our 10m stage dome has the following features:

  • External measurements:  Width 11m, height 5m, depth measured in the middle is 5m 

  • Internal measurements:  Width 10m, height 4.5m, depth measured in the middle is 5m

  • PVC fire retardant fabric.

  • 1 x 1kw blower.

  • One blower tube per side providing location options. 

  • Circular door at the rear

  • Zipped air outlet valves in base for quick deflation.

There are so many variables when pricing for stages such as location, ground, access to site. Please contact us for a quotation .

Inflatable stage covers are relatively new to the market and people often have lots of questions, so we have added some frequently asked questions below:

Q - Does the blower need to be on all the time?

A - Yes - these stage domes work on a rammed air principle and will deflate slowly when the power is switched off, or when the blower is removed. It takes the dome about 3 minutes to deflate. If the power supply cannot be guaranteed we recommend having a second blower on standby next to a small generator. This can quickly be turned on in case of a power cut.

Q - How long does the dome take to fully inflate?

A - About 8 Minutes - It is amazingly quick!

Q - How many people does it take to install?

A - Ideally three people but can be done with just two people.

Q - Is it safe to use if it's windy?

A - Manufacturer specifications state that the dome can be used in winds of up to 40 Km per hour. It does need to be correctly staked to ensure that it is secure.

Q - What happens if the predicted wind is over 40 Km per hour for our event?

A - All inflatable structures have wind restrictions, and this stage dome is no exception. Should the wind forecast exceed the 40kmph we will not be able to inflate the dome. We will work with the event organiser to try and work out a solution which may involve us providing one of our other stage covers. If available, we may provide our winched trussing system, but this may attract additional but moderate fees. 

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