Bose 802

Bose 802
  • Dry Hire -  £15.00 + VAT (each) or £29.00 + VAT per day (Pair)


The Bose 802 series loudspeaker is a 240 Watt, full-range loudspeaker designed for permanent installations and portable use in indoor and outdoor commercial applications.

Each 802 Series loudspeaker uses eight 11.34cm full-range drivers mounted insymmetric vertical pairs on a faceted Articulated Array baffle assembly. The drivers feature low-impedance, edge-wound ferrite V ceramic magnets, and molded polyester frames. Their advanced cone and motor system give them high linear excursion capability and power output.

What does all that mean?... Well they sound fantastic and are ideal for conferences as the design is somewhat unusual in that the speaker is made up of 8 little speakers pointing in different directions so you get a smooth and wide spread of sound. They also sound great for music and can produce a great punch for such a little speaker.

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