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A professional sound and lighting system with friendly and inconspicuous engineers is essential to ensure that you provide your guests with a good impression. 'All The Kit' is able to provide a variety of sound & lighting and AV (Audio Visual)solutions for conference organisers.

Multi-media is often an essential part of  any conference with the use of PowerPoint and videos. We are able to provide large rear projection screensstages and lighting rigs to help your conference look and sound great.

The pictures shown below were taken at a conference where we worked with the 'Help For Heroes' charity



Large Rear Projection Screen

The rear projection screen used in this example measures 10ft x 7.5ft an enables people to walk in front of the screen with no risk of causing shadows. In this example we used our Epson projector which produces a nice clear image.



Uplighting can quickly transform a rather dull room or hall. In this examples we used a total of 10 up-lights. These were set to the colours of 'Help for Heros'. This is a cost effective way to create a fabulous atmosphere. For more information visit our uplighting page.

Lecturn and Microphones

 The lectern we used at this event complement our lighting rig - it provides a modern and fresh look and is designed to accommodate one or two microphones.

We have a variety of high quality microphones to suite differing needs.

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