We have gradually increased our range of inflatable structures due to their popularity. They offer an interesting alternative to conventional marquees and tents, and will give your event that wow factor!

As with most things, we started small but have recently increased the size of our igloos to be able to accommodate larger numbers of people, and this now makes them viable as main event structures. 

Inflatable Structures

5m Inflatable Igloo (white)

This 5m igloo is our smallest igloo and looks great at night time with a few uplights and is often used for the following:

  • Chill-out tent for about 12 people

  • Photo Booth

  • Small disco area

  • Cocktail bar

  • Santa's groto

8m Inflatable Igloo (white)

This 8m igloo has two entrances and is ideal for parties up to about 60 people. It looks superb at night with uplights, and is often used for the following:

  • Disco area

  • Drinks reception

  • Children's play area at festivals

  • Cocktail bar

  • Santa's groto

10m Inflatable Party Dome (Grey/Black) 

This 10m inflatable Party dome comes in two halves that are joined together to form a superb space. It has two 2.7m entrances, and is ideal for parties up to about 100 people. We often use a circular trussing system, as seen in the pictures, to create a nightclub feel.

  • Grey on the outside and black inside

  • Looks great with circular trussing

  • Two 2.7m doors for ventilation

  • Can be used as a cinema

3m Office

This 3m lightweight inflatable structure can be used as a small chill-out area, or as a small booth at trade shows etc. 

  • Looks superb with a few uplighters

  • Very easy to set up

  • Integral fan 

Other Inflatable Products

The Thing!

We didn't know what to call this, so we just call it 'The Thing'. It is approximately 3m high and is lit internally with LED lights. It's an interesting and fun item. ​

6m Tunnel

This 6m tunnel has been designed to either be attached to the 8m Igloo entrance and to go inside the 10m party dome creating a linkway between two structures. 

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