Santorini Flame

11kw Gas Patio Heater Kit

Santorini Gae heater.jpg

Hire from £75.00 + VAT per day (gas charged extra).

We offer these heaters as they look stunning! They are an ideal companion for one of our open sided Stretch Tents or anywhere you might need some beautiful looking heat! 

These heaters need plenty of ventilation, and require at least 20% of the area to be open. See the video below. 

This Santorini Flame Heater is a 11kw gas patio heater which not only heats the party, but looks incredible too. When not in use you simply twist the top section and it folds down into a neat compact unit for storage, then just twist and lift and the patio heater is ready for use again. The glass tube inside the Lifestyle Santorini Flame 11kw Gas Patio Heater, features a twist inducer which forces the flame to twist round up the tube to give the incredible real flame appearance, whilst also lighting up the patio.

Heater Details:

  • Height: 185cm

  • Base Area : 52cm x 52cm

  • Heat Output: 11Kw

  • Weight: 34.5Kg

Lifestyle Santorini Flame Gas Patio Heater Features:

  • Anti-Tilt Safety Cut Off Mechanism

  • Battery Igniters'

  • Wire Guard: prevents contact with the Pyrex tube

  • Safety Pilot Assembly

  • 37 millibar propane clip on a 27mm inlet included

  • Hinged Door for Container Compartment

  • Integrated wheels allow for easy transport

  • Protective Screen

  • Material: Steel

  • Large base for good stability

  • LPG regulator and tubing supplied

  • Fuel: Propane or LPG Gas