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HK Audio Linear 5 Big Venue Pack

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  • Dry Hire - £249 + VAT per day (6 speakers)



HK quality you will love - So easy to set up - Quality Sound!

The ultimate Linear 5 system. The HK Audio Linear 5 Big Venue Pack is a complete package designed to cater for large audiences of up to 600 people. Consisting of two L5 115 FA active mid/high units and two L SUB 2000 A active subwoofers, the Big Venue Pack puts dominant sound with class-leading performance in the palm of your hand. An incredible dynamic response combined with thunderous low-end and volume capabilities make this system a true force to be reckoned with. But that sonic dominance doesn't mean complicated controls either. Simply set the Gain/EQ switch on your mid/highs and the Configuration switch on your subs, then let the integrated controller's presets do the rest.


The Big Venue Pack is as versatile as it is powerful, with the ability to use the mid/high units on their own, with two of the subwoofers, or as a full 6-component system. A range of active protection circuitry lets you take advantage of HK Audio's legendary reliability. No matter where your sound takes you, the Linear 5 Big Venue Pack is the perfect sonic companion.

HK Audio Linear 5 L5 115 FA 15'' Active Speaker

Compact speakers with an enormous sound. The HK Audio L5 115 FA is part of the revered Linear 5 series. Delivering class-leading long- and short-throw performance, the L5 115 FA is the ultimate choice when building a system for large events.


Regarded as the loudest reference speaker in its class, the L5 115 FA can produce a maximum SPL of up to 137dB. When you combine this with other components from the Linear 5 series, you can create a system that is tailor-made for audiences of 3,000 or more. That's a lot of people, and a lot more volume...


The L5 115 FA is premium-quality, flexible, and extremely powerful. With rugged hybrid cabinets and precision designs, you can rely on your Linear 5 system components for every single show.



HK Audio Linear L SUB 2000 A 2 x 12'' Active Subwoofer

A solid low-frequency foundation for your PA system. The HK Audio Linear L SUB 2000 A is a dual 12'' active subwoofer designed for complementing Linear 5 PA systems. A road-ready birch multiplex enclosure plays host to a 1200W class-D power amp, driving the L SUB 2000 A to deliver up to 133db of impressive bass all the way down to 39Hz. Dual spider suspension keeps your speakers perfectly centered, whilst their 2.5'' voice coils feature a state-of-the-art cooling system for optimal performance.


The L SUB 2000 A also boasts an adjustable crossover frequency, allowing you to select between 100 and 120Hz with a 24dB/oct slope. A selection of highly-efficient active protection circuits keep your subwoofer safe for reliable operation night after night, whilst user-friendly controls make operation a breeze. If you're looking for powerful bass with impressive low-end performance in the 50 to 120Hz range, the L SUB 2000 A is the perfect addition to your system.

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