RCF Livepad L-pad 6X

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The LIVEPAD L-PAD 6X 6-Channel Mixing Console with Effects from RCF is a compact audio mixer designed to offer the user enhanced flexibility. RCF Italian engineering has created this mixing tool designed specifically for live audio applications - from the performance of a Rock band or a Jazz quartet, to supporting a conference room or a media center, and almost anything in between.

The L-PAD 6X mixer includes two mic inputs, each with low, mid and high equalization, two stereo line inputs, with two bands of EQ, and a 2-track in and out section with RCA connectors. There's even aux send circuitry and phantom mic powering. The 6X mixer includes a powerful internal DSP effects processor. The 16-preset selector allows you to choose between several effects.

This setup is designed to work well for one man bands, speech, background music, DJs, and parties. All of this in a small, easy-to-carry unit. It's even possible to install the LIVEPAD on a mic stand with the optional dedicated accessories (sold separately). The L-PAD 6X is powered by an included, external PSU 18V, 1000 mA power supply.

  • Compact with lots of features

  • Switchable phantom powering

  • 3-Band EQ on mic channels

  • 2-Band EQ on stereo input channels

  • 2-Track Ins and Outs

  • LED level metering

  • Potentiometer controls

  • Balanced / unbalanced Inputs and Outputs

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