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8m Inflatable Igloo (white)

The 8m (internal) inflatable igloo is a new product at All The Kit. We were keen to increase our stock of inflatable structures as they are great fun and always draw interest, as they look so unusual. This 8m igloo will hold about 60 people so it makes a great option as a main party structure.

Not only do the Igloos great during the day, but they come into their own at night with some uplighting as the whole structure glows. 

Our 8m inflatable igloo can be expanded and joined to our larger 10m (internal) dome by fitting a 6m inflatable link corridor. This option offers significant flexibility, for example the white 8m igloo could be used as a seated event space linking to the 10m black/grey dome which would make a superb nightclub or music venue. 

Contact us for more details. 


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