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Music Festivals and Events

We love music festivals! There is nothing quite like it, and we find it so rewarding to see people having a great time. We have worked with numerous festival organisers over the years, helping them deliver their vision and seeing them grow over time into successful events. We are conscious that a great deal rests on the technical team, who are tasked with ensuring that everything looks and sounds great, and that the crew has a friendly 'can do' attitude. From experience we understand that artists perform better if they are welcomed and cared for by a professional and friendly technical crew, who ensure that all their requirements are catered for. 

Once your performers have been chosen, a variety of kit is required to enable you to make your event possible. We understand that clients often prefer to work with as few suppliers as possible, which is why we are able to offer a large variety of the equipment needed to deliver your event, hence our name 'All The Kit'. If you are thinking of planning a festival or event we would be delighted to discuss your plans and provide you with practical advice. As a guide you will most likely need to consider the following equipment or services:

  • Stages - We have a number of stages to suit your needs. Please visit the stages section of our website.

  • Stage Covers - Planning an outdoor event in the UK can be challenging, as weather can be so unpredictable. We offer a variety of stage covers, including our very impressive SS15 Single Span stage cover and inflatable domes. Visit our Stage Cover section for more detailed information.

  • Lighting Rigs - In order to create a great visual impact you will probably need a lighting rig or what we call trussing. This enables us to mount lighting fixtures in a safe and effective manner. A stage backdrop such as a star cloth or drape is also an effective method of hiding the rear of the stage from the audience. See our Pipe & Drape and Star Cloths & Matrix.

  • Sound Systems - We have a large selection of sound systems available, and some of these can be hired as part of a package as shown on our sound system page. If you are planning a big festival we are able to offer much larger systems. Contact us and we can discuss the various options.

  • Lighting Systems - Investment in lighting should never be underestimated. It creates a superb visual impact and generates that 'wow factor'. As with the sound systems, we have a number of lighting systems listed on our lighting pages, but contact us if you are planning a reasonably large event we can discuss various options.

  • LED Screens - There is nothing more fantastic that a large LED screen to project the action to your audience. Our screens can be built in wide variety of sizes depending on requirements and budgets, and we can also provide full video production services if required.  

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