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Uplighting creates an elegant atmosphere for formal or party functions. All of our uplighting fixtures are LED which means we are able to create practically any colour. We can even match wedding colour schemes. 

We also have a range of powerful outdoor LED lights which are great for lighting up trees, buildings or architectural features. As can be seen in the pictures below you can have fun changing the colours of a building to suit a particular theme. We are very happy to offer advice and chat through your individual needs so please feel free to contact us.



£6.50 + VAT 

ADJ Mega Tri PAR

£8.00 + VAT 

LED PAR 64 Battery (IP65)

£25 + VAT 

36 x 3 Watt LED PAR 64 (IP65)

£29 + VAT 

Marquee Wedding Trees House
Snodrox Festival House Lighting
Help For Heros Awards
50/50 Fest Tree Lighting
50/50 Fest Car Tree Lighting
Marquee Wedding Uplighting
Trafalgar Park House Uplighting
Office Party Uplighting
Marquee Wedding Outdoor Lighting
Marquee Wedding Uplighting
50/50 Fest Tree Uplighting
50/50 Fest Tree Uplighting
50/50 Fest Tree Uplighting
50/50 Fest Uplighting
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