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Floor Coverings

'All The Kit' offers a range of floor coverings for our stretch tents and inflatable structures. Each floor covering creates a different feel, which gives options when planning for your party or event.

Please contact us for more details. 

Papaflex Herringbone Weave

PapaFlex is sought out for it’s beautiful natural look, but it is made with high-density, twisted polypropylene strands, so it is extremely durable. 

Natural Coconut
Screenshot 2020-05-19 at 22.34.05.png

Coconut matting, also know as coir matting, is a robust and hardwearing natural flooring for our stretch tents or inflatable structures. Matting comes in 1.8m x 12m lengths, and hire costs vary depending upon quantity, but as a guide is between £1.50 and £2.00 per m2.

Dark grey with flecks

This matting is synthetic, harder wearing and easier to dry. It looks fabulous in our stretch tents and inflatable structures. This matting comes in 1.8m x 12m lengths. 

Carpet or your choice

We can also source and instal brand new cord carpet in a colour of your choice. The cost for providing a new carpet for one of our 10x15m stretch tents is around £400 + VAT. 

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