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LED Screen Display

LED display screens can be far more than just a flat screen which is why we use the award winning semi-flexible LEgenD screens which are super bright, waterproof and high definition which makes them ideal for a whole host of applications.

Our LED Display Screens

Choosing the right screen for your event can feel daunting, but we are good at not talking gobbledygook, and will help demystify what is actually quite strightforward. The award winning LEgenD screens we use enables us to provide you with a wide variety of options, and gives us creative scope! The screens can, of course, be used as a straightforward screen for films or as a conference or event backdrop.

Our screens are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and have a 3.75 pitch, which means that you get a very clear image when about 4m away from the screen.

The cost to hire a screen varies a lot depending on screen size, configuration, location, duration of hire and other equipment being hired at the same time, but prices start from about £1500 + VAT. Give us a call or Contact us if you need an LED display screen for your event.  

LEgenD Outdoor Screen at All The Kit.png
LEgenD outdoor 3.75 Spec for All The Kit.png
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