Special Effects

All The Kit shown below can be hired as individual items. For more details of each item just click on the picture. The prices shown are for one day's hire. For longer periods please contact us


Smoke,Haze & Foggers

Antari F-5D Fazer Haze

Antari F-5D Fazer Haze 

£40 + VAT 

ADJ Mister Kool Low Fog

ADJ Mister Kool Low Smoke

£25 + VAT 

Martin Magnum 650 Smoke

Martin Magnum 650 smoke machine

£12 + VAT 

Eurolite NSF-350 LED Vertical Fog

Eurolite NSF-350 LED Vertical Fog

£28 + VAT 


3000w Visage continuous Low Fog water machine

£79 + VAT 

CO2 Jets

CO2 Jet with 10m hose

£69 + VAT 

Cold spark Machine

Cold spark picture.jpg

Cold Spark Machine

£69 + VAT 

Mirror Balls

18" Mirror Ball

£20 + VAT 

12" Mirror Ball

£15 + VAT 

Effects Fluids

Our range of effects fluids including smoke, low smoke, haze, bubble and snow.

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