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CQ-18T Ultra-Compact Digital Mixer with Wi-Fi 18in / 8out

Allen & Heath CQ-18T.jpeg

  • Dry Hire - £45.00 + VAT per day

  • Dry Hire with router and Pre-loaded iPad - £55.00 + VAT


What a great piece of kit this is.. in such a small box you could take it your handbag! So easy to use and everything you need in one small box. 


The CQ-18T is an ultra-compact digital audio mixer designed to be operated locally using its touchscreen and physical controls or through connection to a wired or wireless network to expand its controllability via remote devices.

The processing engine, utilising Allen & Heath’s acclaimed FPGA technology, brings numerous time-saving tools to the CQ to speed up and simplify common tasks for users of all abilities. Gain Assistant automatically sets preamp gain to the optimal level and monitors and adjusts for any unexpected peaks in the signal. Feedback Assistant identifies and filters out problem frequencies across all outputs via simple one-button operation, with more in-depth control available for challenging acoustical environments.  

Key Features:

  • Power to the band:
    Thanks to the free app from A&H the CQ4You, you can let the musicians control their own mix on stage, freeing you up to keep focus on the sound for the audience. Additionally, if you’re a function band working without an engineer, this allows each of you to adjust your own mixes freely!

  • Compact Powered by touch:
    The bonus of a touchscreen is that it’s easy to use and compact, the unit packs a lot of control and connections into a tiny space, you can also use the A&H CQ-MixPad app to expand your control and mix on the move.

  • No compromise on audio quality:
    Usually at this price point, users are forced to choose between a mid-range analogue mixer, lacking in modern features, or an entry-level digital mixer, where corners have inevitably been cut. With CQ there are no compromises. It’s a fully featured 96kHz mixer with stunning audio quality and intelligent tools that, regardless of your experience, lets you mix smarter, sound better and work faster.


  • Connections:
    - Input: 8x Mono XLR (Linkable)
    - Input: 8x Mono XLR/1/4" Jack combi (linkable)
    - Input: 1x Stereo Input (2x TRS 1/4" Jack)
    - Main Output: 2x XLR (L/R)
    - Output: 6x Mono Aux 1/4" TRS Jacks (linkable)
    - Headphone Output: 2x 1/4" TRS Jack
    - Bluetooth: Stereo input to mix
    - USB-B: Stereo input to mix + record (24x22)
    - USB-A: Stereo Audio Record, playback + data
    - Footswitch: 1/4" TRS Jack
    - RJ45 Network socket (CQ as Client)
    - SD Card: Playback + Record (24x22)
    - WiFi: Built in Duel Band WiGi (CQ as Host)

  • Controls:
    - Touchscreen: 7” Capacitive Touchscreen
    - Touchscreen switch: 5x buttons for switching viewing modes
    - 3x Configurable softkeys
    - 3x Configurable SoftRotaries
    - 1x Endless encoder

  • Effects: 4x Multi-FX Engines

  • Audio Processing: 96kHz input/output processing

  • Control apps via:
    - MacOS
    - iPadOS
    - iOS
    - Windows
    - Android

  • Dimensions:
    - Width - 346mm/13.6"
    - Depth - 242mm/9.5"
    - Height - 89mm/3.5"
    - Weight - 3kg/6.6lb

  • Power: 12DC Power Supply with External Worldwide PSU

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