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Instagrid One Max Portable mobile power

Instagrid One Max.jpeg

Hire from £95.00 plus VAT per day or £160 per week

The 2.1 kWh Instagrid ONE max battery power station is a complete game changer and everybody at All The Kit love it!

This unit delivers silent, off-grid electricity in a small and portable unit. It’s as useful on location halfway up a mountain as it is in the middle of the city. With Diesel generators becoming extremely unpopular in towns, the Instagrid ONE max is a popular and reliable portable power alternative.

Less expensive to hire than some larger alternatives, and weighing only 20kg, it makes for a much more agile days work. Just pick it up and move it to where you need it.

With a substantial 3.6 kW power output and peak power of a MASSIVE 18KW means it can run the thirstiest bits of kit. With a complete recharge taking only 2.5 hours, this nifty battery power pack saves up to 97% emissions when used instead of a diesel genny.


The Instagrid ONE max doesn’t have an inverter meaning it is TOTALLY SILENT, and with zero emissions the result is much happier crew and local residents. With an IP54 rating, it’s totally splashproof too.

A handy battery power backup, the Instagrid ONE Max has both 13-amp and 16-amp sockets, an output voltage of 230VAC / 50Hz and a 3600W power rating.

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