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Nexo DTD Amplifier
Power Amp 4x700W

Nexo amp hire at All The Kit.png

​Hire from £39.00 per day plus VAT

  • DTDAMP4X0.7C 4Ch Power Amp 4x700W @ 4Ω 1U

  • The DTDAMP range is composed of two models of four-channel amplifiers housed in a 1U rack and weighting only 7.5 Kg. The DTD Controller offers a very efficient solution for processing most of the Nexo Speakers, from the ID series to our world-famous PS15.

  • When used with a DTDAMP you are sure to get all the necessary power for your NEXO speakers, while this combo offers both a coherent look and ease of use. A pair of DTD + DTDAMP will weigh together less than 10 Kg, while being able to process and power system composed, for example, of 2 x NEXO Speakers + 2 x NEXO subs. This performance is due to the use of high-density and highly integrated components together with high-efficiency design (smaller heatsinks) for power supply/power amplifier parts.

  • The DTDAMP offers all the sensor and protection that are mandatory for a professional touring amplifier, such as mains over/under voltage, Over-voltage or DC output on each channel, short circuit etc. The variable speed cooling system will assure a quiet and cool amplifier while the front to back cooling system ensure compatibility inside racks where both DTDAMP and our high-end NXAMP are used together in large installations.

  • Once your NEXO Speakers are selected in your DTD Controller, you can use your DTD +DTDAMP system in most situations without any further adjustments to the settings. When used with the NEXO DTD controller the DTDAMP is the perfect solution for “Dry” hire or where the user has limited knowledge but still allowing the best possible result from the Nexo speaker system.

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