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4K Spark Plus

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  • Hire - £40 + VAT per day

  • Hire - £120 + VAT per week

The Spark Plus HDMI is an IP video converter designed for open-source NDI standard.

It supports up to UHD 4Kp60 input and output from NDI to HDMI and from HDMI to NDI. It allows you to connect your camera, webcam, or computer to stream live over the internet or other broadcast platforms. The Spark Plus HDMI is controlled via a web-based user interface for configuration and monitoring.

The NDI protocol allows all NDI-compatible video equipment to freely recognize and interact with one another, as long they're connected to the same network. The Spark Plus HDMI is designed to stream HDMI video from a video source into a computer or IP-based video workflow for gaming, corporate meetings, broadcast programming, or other streaming media presentations. It also allows you to convert any HDMI source for compatibility with hundreds of NDI-compatible systems, devices, and applications that can be connected on the same network, enabling you to efficiently incorporate that HDMI source into IP-based video capture and production workflows. It also inputs, encodes, and converts NDI signals for output via the HDMI output for recording, editing, or streaming via a computer.

The Spark Plus HDMI features Power over Ethernet, a portable form factor that is easy to mount, analog audio input and output, Program and Preview tally LED lights, NDI virtual input, multicast mode, and NDI network identification.

Key Features

  • HDMI video input and output with embedded audio

  • NDI input and output, compatible with any NDI workflow

  • NDI transfer modes: unicast/multicast UDP with forward error correction (FEC) and unicast TCP

  • Support for up to UHD 4K video at 60 frames per second

  • Multicast mode

  • Network identification to apply custom device and channel names

  • Remote configuration and monitoring via web-based user interface

  • 3.5mm analog audio line input and output

  • Program and Preview tally LED

  • Portable and mountable

  • NDI virtual input compatible with popular desktop video applications via included software driver, including Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom, and more

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