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Behringer X32

Behringer X32 Mixing Console
  • Dry Hire - £79.00 + VAT per day

  • Dry Hire with S16 Digital Snake & 50m Cat 5 cable - £99.00 + VAT per day

  • Dry Hire with router and Pre-loaded iPad - £95.00 + VAT per day

At 'All the Kit' we have not always been impressed by Behringer kit so we have tended to keep away from their equipment. We then read the 'Sound on Sound' review that explained that Midas have had a significant role in designing and manufacturing the X32. The reviews were glowing and we thought that we would have to give it a go. We were not disappointed and found that it sounded great and was intuitive to use. The iPad app also works superbly with the desk enabling us to ensure monitor mixes are exactly as the musicians want them.

We also now use this desk to record all 32 channels separately so that we can then remix the gigs after the show.

Ready for your input

Each input and output channel strip features its own colour, backlit 128x64 graphic LCD, providing vital channel information at a glance. Use any combination of the local 32 mic inputs or digitanake inputs onstage and the audiophole quality programmable preamps will always ensure full control, purity and impeccable dynamics.

A dedicated channel strip section puts 17 backlit buttons and 13 rotary controls right at your fingertips for nuanced adjustment of each channel's compressor.

Virtual FX Rack

The onboard virtual FX Rack provides access to 8 true-stereo, multi-effects processors including delay, chorus and dynamics. It can run 4 production quality true-stereo reverbs concurrently with 8 channels of 31-band graphic equalization, all without the need for expensive, space-consuming external hardware.

Vital information is just a click away

Thanks to the netbook-resolution, 800x480 high-contrast color TFT display, you are never more than one or two button presses away from any of X32's eight highly intuitive control screens. Once you select the desired function, dedicated rotary/push encoders allow you to set parameters and source I/O assignment, without the need to "drill down" through multiple layers of menus or page through a complex owner's manual.

Versatile signal and scene management

Signals can be assigned to 8 Digitally Controlled Amplifier (DCA) groups, providing simultaneous group level control via dedicated 100mm motorized faders. The audio engineer can communicate with the talent by means of the Talkback section's onboard mic or an external mic of their choosing. X32's scene management allows snapshots of high-level production mixes to be captured and recalled for future use (you can even save them to a USB stick). X32 even has a dedicated custom control section with user-definable knobs and buttons where you can create your own set of controls, making it easy to access frequently used functions on-the-fly.

Powered by MIDAS

MIDAS are recognized the world over for their digital consoles and EQ/FX processing. The programmable, high-grade mic preamps found in the X32 are based on a genuine MIDAS design, all the way down to their A/D converters. The resulting design ensures superior common mode rejection (CMRR) and extremely low harmonic distortion (THD). The X32 utilises amazingly clean high-end technology merged with superb user-friendly features.

Bus and rear panel flexibility

The Behringer X32 provides extensive output connectivity including 16 balanced XLR outputs, six balanced Line I/O on 1/4" TRS connectors; dual Phones outputs; Main LCR (Left, Center, Right) buses; 16 mix buses (also configurable as subgroups) with Inserts, 6-band parametric EQ and dynamics processing; plus six independent Matrix Mixes with Inserts, also with 6-band parametric EQ and dynamics processing.

The rear panel sports two AES50 ports. Stereo digital output and MIDI are also supported, as well as ultra-low jitter, ultra-low latency communication between the X32 and digital snakes, remote stage boxes and outboard recording devices. A convenient top panel USB port is available for recording an uncompressed two-channel board mix straight to any standard USB drive or for playing background music.

The Future is Now!

System expansion and connectivity capabilities are provided via an integrated card slot, which allows you to add up to 32 channels of digital audio I/O by way of IEEE1394 FireWire, ADAT TOSLINK or USB. It will even support standalone 16-channel uncompressed multi-track recording to an attached USB drive-without requiring a computer!


The Behringer X32 won the Best Mixing Desk category at the MIPA Awards 2013.

"At the launch price, this console has no alternative - anything remotely comparable costs between two and four times more... The X32 should win the 'Best Product of 2012' award with considerable ease!" - Sound on Sound Magazine

"Using the X32 for getting up a good sound is quick, simple and fun. Workflow and sound are amazing. For the money we'd go for the X32 over a full analogue mixer.outboard combo. - MusicRadar



For detailed features and specifications about the Behringer X32, please download the information sheet from the link below.

  • 32-channel total recall digital mixer with fully programmable high-end mic preamps and 16 mix buses, configurable as subgroups

  • Main LCR and all 16 mix buses featuring inserts, 6-band parametric EQ's and dynamics processing

  • 16 analog XLR outputs plus 6 additional line in/outputs, 2 phones connectors and a talkback section with integrated or external mic

  • 48-channel digital snake ready* via AES50 ports featuring KLARK TEKNIK?s SuperMAC networking capability for ultra-low jitter and latency

  • Built-in expansion port for Firewire/USB/ADAT card* featuring standalone 16-channel recorder or other networking interfaces

  • Virtual FX rack featuring 8 true-stereo FX slots for high-end simulations of famous outboard gear such as KLARK TEKNIK DN780, EMT250 etc. (included)

  • Ultra-high power 32-Bit floating-point DSP features "unlimited" dynamic range, no internal overload and near-zero latency between in and outputs

  • 6 mute groups and 8 DCA groups on 8 dedicated 100 mm motorized faders

  • Super-easy user interface and dedicated channel strip section with direct access controls for intuitive workflow

  • High-resolution 7" color TFT with associated controls and individual RGB backlit graphic LCD's in every channel

  • 25 motorized 100 mm faders, extensive channel strip plus dedicated user-definable control section

  • USB flash connector providing file storage for uncompressed recordings plus show presets and system updates

  • Connectivity for BEHRINGER's P-16 Personal Monitoring System*, AES/EBU stereo digital output and MIDI

  • 6 independent matrix mix buses featuring inserts, 6-band parametric EQ's and dynamics processing

  • Adjustable line delays available on all physical in and outputs

  • Networked remote control or show setups with remote editor software via USB and Ethernet ports (included)

  • Powerful scene management for convenient handling of complex productions

  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long li l s

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