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Midas M32

Midas M32 Mixing Console
  • Dry Hire - £120.00 + VAT per day

  • Dry Hire - £295.00 + VAT per week

At 'All the Kit' we continually strive to invest in the best equipment available, and you can't get much better than Midas when looking for a digital mixing desk. This desk has the same operating system as the X32 which we found to be excellent, but you will hear and feel the difference when you get your hands on this Midas M32 console.

The Midas M32 is a 40-Channel Digital Mixing Console for Live and Studio with 40 Input Channels, 32 MIDAS Microphone Preamplifiers and 25 Mix Buses. Midas’ goal for M32 was to combine the best of classic British console designs with advanced modern technology to completely redefine what a medium-format live console can offer. They began the industrial design process by drawing inspiration from a somewhat unexpected source – the luxury and high-performance car industry. Simply because the design teams at Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce, and other leading manufacturers are skilled at introducing innovative technological advancements while simultaneously maintaining the feel, essence, and intangible qualities of their cherished brands. And in essence, that’s the challenge Midas too faced when creating the M32 console.

Many different construction materials were tested. Countless design variations were explored. And in the end, a styling was chosen that represented the perfect marriage between aerodynamic artistry and uncompromising performance. The design is both ultramodern and distinctly classic at the same time. A close look at M32 reveals that the styling is completely new in every sense of the word. Rajesh Kutty’s automotive-inspired design elements mesh perfectly with a recognisable MIDAS signature, setting the M32 apart from any other console. Its beautifully streamlined and elegant form factor completely revolutionises the experience of live mixing.

The MIDAS M32 construction is equally impressive, and is designed to offer you years of reliable performance while withstanding the demanding environment of live performance venues. M32 employs a predominantly space-frame construction, with parts of the sub-frame consisting of durable and lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium. Multiple alloys have been employed throughout to guarantee maximum component efficiency and an improved performance-to-weight ratio.

The M32 is an innovative, evolved design that brings together modern construction principles and high-tech materials into a styling destined to go down as a landmark in console history. The groundbreaking M32 console combines legendary MIDAS sound quality with advanced digital technology, future-proof 96 kHz capable open architecture design and industry-leading 192 kHz ADC and DAC converters, creating a revolutionary mid-format live console. M32 features ultra-sleek styling, offering you a truly luxurious mixing experience. High-end construction materials including carbon fibre provide unparalleled durability and strength, plus substantially lower weight than comparable consoles.

The M32 utilises award-winning MIDAS PRO Series microphone preamplifiers and the custom-designed MIDAS PRO motorised faders that are rated for 1 million life cycles-three times more than other leading consoles. The MIDAS M32 is a future-forward console that completely raises the bar for live mixing.

The main features of the Midas M32 include:

  • Live performance and studio recording digital console with up to 40 simultaneous input channels

  • 32 award-winning MIDAS microphone preamplifiers

  • 25 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses

  • AES50 networking allows up to 96 inputs and 96 outputs

  • Open architecture allows for future 96 kHz operation

  • 192 kHz ADC and DAC converters for outstanding audio performance

  • Industry-leading design by Bentley Motors Designer

  • High-performance carbon fibre, aluminium and high-impact steel structure

  • 40 bit floating point digital signal processing

  • 8 DCA and 6 mute groups

  • 8 stereo signal processing effects engines

  • 25 MIDAS PRO motorised 100 mm faders

  • Daylight viewable 7" full colour TFT display screen

  • 32 x 32 channel USB 2.0 audio interface

  • DAW remote control emulations of Mackie Control and HUI protocols

  • Optional wireless remote control with MIDAS Apps for iPhone and iPad

  • Auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply

  • 3-Year Warranty Program

  • Designed and engineered in England

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