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Roland VR4-HD Video and Audio Mixing Console



  • Dry Hire - £89.00 + VAT per day

  • Dry Hire - £129.00 + VAT per week

With our increase in conferencing work, we invested in this great little av/audio mixer. It is normally all we need to use to mix a few microphones and video sources, and produce a seamless event. This bit of kit is simple and intuitive to use, and makes streaming very easy.


The VR-4HD is a complete HD studio in a compact and portable package that replaces several different pieces of complex A/ V equipment.
Designed with single-person operation in mind, the VR-4HD enables easy switching and mixing of sound and video using advanced video and audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) along with dedicated hardware controls faders, buttons and touch screen interface. It beautifully integrates a digital audio mixer, video switcher, multi-viewer touch screen and USB video/audio streaming interface into a stand-alone device. This portable live HD production solution is ideal for schools, churches, council meetings, corporate events, sports, training sessions, or any other live event.


  • All-in-one portable production solution

  • Easy to use with dedicated hardware controls and audio faders and integrated touch screen preview monitor

  • 6 input, 4-Channel Video Switcher

  • Supports HDMI*1, RGB/Component, and Composite Video Inputs Up to 1080p

  • Input 4’s scaler now supports a wider range of video and VESA resolutions.*1 *2

  • Built-in Scaler via CH4

  • Automatic switching modes [Ver.2.0]

  • 18-Channel Digital Audio Mixer with XLR, TRS, and RCA jacks along with audio from HDMI inputs

  • Embedding and de-embedding of audio with delay settings

  • Auto mixing and Echo Canceling function

  • Composition effects including DSK (Downstream Keyer), picture-in-picture etc.

  • Capturing a still Image from Input Video on channel 4*3 [Ver.1.5]

  • Built-in touch quad-input multi-viewer with audio metering

  • External Multi-View Output through HDMI

  • HDCP Support

  • USB3.0 Video/Audio Output up to 1080/30p (uncompressed) and Audio Loopback Feature

  • Software control using VR-4HD RCS application for Mac and PC and remote control via USB connection

  • Sending a still image to the VR-4HD by VR-4HD RCS*3 [Ver.1.5]

  • Tally, GPIO connections

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