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SS15 Single Span

This is the largest of our stage covers and is our flagship model. It really looks stunning, particularly when lit at night, and will give any event the real wow factor! Our gallery above will give you an idea of just how superb this is. 


•Internal measurements 15m wide, 18m deep (from tip to tip), 6.5 m high

•Provides some rain cover for the audience at the front of the stage

• Can be supplied with a rear cover

•Generally accommodates a 10m x 5m stage and is usually set at a height of 90cm

•Will easily fit a 16 piece band

•Wind restriction of 80KMPH

•Variety of lighting packages available 

There are so many variables when pricing for stages such as location, ground, access to site. Please contact us for a quotation .

Do have a look at the video below which was mostly taken at a festival style event at Oxford University.

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