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Thermobile ITA 35 Marquee Heater Kit

Hire from £110.00 + VAT for the first day then £55.00 + VAT for subsequent days. (fuel charged separately).

This kit provides you with everything that you need to heat your marquee. The heater is placed outside of the marquee, and hot air is ducted via the hose and diffuser. Depending on the outside temperature, this heater is good for marquees up 30x15ft.

This kit comes with the following equipment:


  • 1x Thermobile ITA 35 heater

  • 1 x 3m Hose

  • 1 x Diffuser

  • 1 x Chimney

  • 1 x Thermostat with 10m lead

Please contact us should you have any questions

WORKING PRINCIPLE · 100% Clean and dry heat.

Outlet temperature ΔT approx. 50 °C (At 0 Pa back pressure.).

Combustion chamber heat resistant up to 850 °C.

1-Way pipe system prevents fuel disturbance.

High efficiency heat exchanger (91%).



Durable phosphated body panels with powder coating.

Clean heat due to gas flue connection, heat distribution is possible by means of hoses and highly mobile with fuel tank.

High pressure pump for diesel or paraffin.

Tank for 16 hours burning duration, 20-50% more than competitors.

With burner relay, photocell flame control, overheat protection and thermostat connection.

High pressure pump with 1-way pipe system. Conversion kit to 2-way pipe system available for connection to bulk tank (max. length 50 m/height 3 m, depends on diameter of pipe).

Room ventilation is required. ·

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