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Tricaster 4K Production Suite

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  • Hire - £250 + VAT per day

  • Hire - £650 + VAT per week

With Tricaster, you can be on your way to making a show in resolutions up to 4K UHD for delivery to any type of screen you want within minutes of opening the box. Tricaster takes portable live production to new heights with hundreds of amazing features, including virtual sets, integrated media playback, social media publishing, multi-channel audio mixing, streaming, and even live motion graphics and Live Story.


Tricaster delivers you all the benefits of IP based production using NDI® for easy connectivity to media components while leveraging simple one-to-one connections to your HDMI cameras and devices without cable length limitations.

The compact unit is easy to transport and set up with all the features you need to deliver high quality shows to screens and displays of any size or shape. With NDI®, Tricaster connects to a wide variety of systems over IP like cameras, converters, and custom software applications. Direct one-to-one connectivity with HDMI cameras and devices simplifies configurations and removes cable length limitations.

4-M/E video mixing

  • 8 NDI sources including 4 Direct External Inputs

  • 4K UHD @ 60p (59.94) on every input

  • Packaged with two 4K UHD 60p (59.94) HDMI source adapter modules (option to add 2 more)

  • 15 Buffers

  • 2 Video Players

  • 1TB SSD storage

  • 2 x Mix NDI outputs

  • 4 x display outputs, up to 3 as Multiviewers depending on video resolution

  • 8 Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) robotic camera control

  • 4 x NDI input and Mix output recording (10 x with Premium Access)

  • 2 x Streaming Encoders

  • Social Media Delivery​

Multi-Source Video Mixing

  • 8 NDI source channels, including 4 direct inputs

  • Use any combination of compatible video sources (HDMI and NDI PTZ cameras, exclusive NDI HX Camera Application for Mobile Devices, mobile devices, skype TX video calls, computers, gaming systems, streaming media, media files, graphics, images, animations

  • Mobile Device NDI Sources

  • NDI HX Camera Application for Mobile Devices

  • Use iOS devices over WiFi as NDI sources

  • Supports up to 4K UHD resolutions depending on capability of iOS device

Recording and replay

  • Capture angles, and record 4 channels of full-resolution video*

  • Archive master cuts and ISO feeds

  • Ingest raw camera content for post-production

  • Cache production extras and presentation materials for on-demand use

  • Create real-time highlights for instant replay

  • PTZ Camera Control

  • Distribute content from up to 4 distinct external NDI® recordings*

  • 4 x direct connect ports for sources

  • 1 TB SSD storage

Skype Video Calls

  • Conduct a live Skype video call with any remote guest, anywhere in the world with direct Skype TX software integration

  • Enhance the real-time interaction with broadcast-quality video and balanced audio

  • Present production-ready conversations, interviews, reports, and more—regardless of the caller’s device.

Dual-Channel Live Streaming

  • Stream live to a choice of new media platforms, including user-friendly presets for Facebook Live, Microsoft® Azure®, Periscope, Twitch, YouTube™Live

  • Two independently configurable H.264 streaming encoders in resolutions up to 4K UHD to easily deliver platform-specific content, while opening up new sponsorship and revenue opportunities

Live Sound Experience

  • Software-based audio mixer

  • Support for digital, analog, and USB audio devices

  • Audio over IP networking with NDI®, Dante™, and AES67

  • Professional DSPs, fader control, VU metering, Talk Back communication, and stereo audio to outputs.

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