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VLTG 290 moving Head

VLTG tv-ne290 .webp
  • Hire from - £39.00 + VAT per light 

  • Hire from £125.00 + VAT for pack of 4

TV-NE290 adopts Philips MSD Silver 250W, has a stylish appearance and efficient optical system. The color temperature can reach 7800K,the illumination is up to 848,000 lux under the beam mode.

Excellent optical system

Full of sharpness and the excellent beam output creates a strong visual impact for the stage performance. Excellent optical system design, 1 color wheel: 13 color+ white, half-color effect, rainbow effect with bidirectional rotation, it’s pure and gorgeous!

Characteristics of the product

1. Philips MSD Silver 250W.

2. 1 color wheel: 13 color+ white,  rainbow effect with bidirectional rotation.

3. Two prisms can be stacked.

4. External USB socket, you can enter the menu to set the address code and other settings without powering on.

5. Built-in scene editing, it can be controlled manually when there is no DMX signal.

6. Providing high-quality choices for concerts, bars, events, roadshows and other professional performance venues.




VoltageVoltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Power: 330W

Light sourceLight Source: Philips MSD Silver 250W

Color temperature: 7800K

Light source life: ≥1500hours

Working environmentIP20/-10℃ ~ 45℃

X/YX: 540°(16 bit precision scan)

Y: 270°(16 bit precision scan)

Automatic error correction reset function

Color1 color wheel: 13 colors + white, half-color effect, rainbow effect with bidirectional rotation

System9 built-in programs to choose from

Upgrade via DMX data cable

Can change the DMX address code from the console, remote control switch bulb, machine reset and other functions

Display lamp and light source usage time

2 channel modes:16/13 channels

PrismPrism 1: 8prisms.

Prism2: 24 prisms.

2 prisms can be stacked

DisplayRechargeable battery, you can enter the menu to set without powering on. The Chinese and English languages can be switched, and the display can be reversed 180°, which is convenient for hanging upside down.

Reset detection: When there is no DMX signal, manual detection and automatic detection can be selected to facilitate inspection and maintenance.

EffectFocusing angle: 1.8°

Atomization: Independent atomization

Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming

Strobe: up to 25Hz, can choose random strobe or pulse strobe

Gobo1 fixed pattern plate: 14 pattern pieces + white, with pattern dithering and pattern arbitrary positioning function

Size & weightProduct size: 492*313*270mm

Net weight: 15.5KG

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