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Yanmar MS6000 Diesel Generator

Hire from £69.00 + VAT for the first day then £45 + VAT for following days. (fuel is extra!)

The Yanmar MS6000 SSY is rated for 5500 watts, and its maximum load is 6,000 watts to handle those power-draining startups that some appliances require.

Please note that whilst the makers of this generator advertise it as 'Super Silent' all generators make a noise and this one is no exception. When we need very little noise we tend to place the generator some distance away. We can provide extra cabling if required

This little generator would be ideal to run a medium size PA system. You could also add a few conventional lights or loads of LED lights to help create a great show.

We also stock a wide selection of cables and distribution boards which you may need to go with this generator. Contact us more more information and advice

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